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Krause Springs Shootout

Open to 6 photographers and videographers. 


Located at Krause Springs: $100pp

At 5 pm 

1 hour long 

There will be two seperate female models to photograph!

One Swimsuit and one Dress, both models will be getting in water. 

Krause Springs is a gorgeously lush venue that stays very vibrant year round due to being fed from natural springs. 2 female models will be available to photograph. Swim suits and dresses for outfits, both models will be getting into the water.


This IS NOT a retreat. I will not be teaching. We will all learn from each other, if you have questions, feel free to sk the entire group. No gatekeeping. If you sign up for this shoot please be prepared to share you knowledge if questions are asked. This is a portfolio building shootout to give you more content. 


Follow the link to book!

Natural Waterfall
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