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Behind the lens

Moments. Life is a compilation of many moments. A laugh. A tear shed. A hand held. A cheek kissed. I want to capture those moments so people can hold onto them forever. I am terrible with words. I fail to really express myself with words. Photography has been a big part of my life because it allows me to express myself and to capture all those moments I just can’t make into a sentence. My name is Jimmie and this is how I became a photographer.

Photo by @texasbearphotos

I started experimenting with photography as a hobby after high school. I loved it. However, the real world was calling and for me that meant putting photography on hold. I had been with Sonic for a few years at that point. I worked hard, made a partner, and really excelled at this career. When COVID hit in 2020 business was booming. I was working insane hours, and with tensions so high due to the pandemic customers lost all human decency. I ended up calling the cops multiple times that year because people were becoming so violent. Sadly it got to a point that being a partner wasn't worth it any more. I decided to leave Sonic.

Photo by @peedeevisuals

After taking a huge risk and leaving a company I had been with since I was a teenager I decided to pick up my camera again. I started my own photography business with 2021 being my first full year as a company. I had made so many contacts, clients, and friends working with Sonic that I knew I would have plenty of people in my corner and excited to support me. My biggest support came from my family. I have three little girls Addi, Taylor, and Khloee and the most amazing partner Charlie. My girls are a huge help. They love to tag along to shoots, and even do photo shoots of their own at home. Charlie is my biggest fan. He's always handing out business cards, and talking up my company to everyone he meets. Not only is he a huge supporter of my business he’s my shoulder to lean on any time I may need him. I am beyond thankful for these four.

Boudoir photos were a big focus for me in my first year. I loved it! Being able to make a person feel beautiful and sexy and powerful is an unmatched feeling. Seeing women realize just how hot they actually were was so rewarding as body positivity is such a difficult subject. It's hard for people to love the skin they're in, but I was able to capture them in those moments that allowed people to see themselves through others' eyes. To see that they are desirable, and beautiful.

As awesome as that was, my focus has shifted. I have this sweet little family. Watching them grow and change has put it heavy on my heart to capture the little moments that are gone so quickly. This year I want to capture emotion. Parents crying tears of joy at their babies first birthday, or their adult child's wedding. Partners so in love they are glowing at their elopement. Beautiful extravagant weddings, and private intimate ones as well. Maternity sessions, graduation pictures, family photos so full of excitement and pride. I want to capture mamas and their babies playing, couples falling in love all over again, and every emotional adventure you might embark on. I want to be there for it all!

Photo by @texasbearphotos

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